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Vivid Audio Giya G3 and Devialet 400 - a short stop on a saturday morning at Renaissance Audio

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A short walk through the city center of Bergen from Sydneshaugen ends at Støletorget. It's Saturday morning, and Roald Mikkelsen Renassance Audio as always offers both a nice chat and good sound from exciting products.

Renaissance Audio is located at the very end of Steikjellergaten on Støletorget, at inner part of Sandviken in Bergen. It is an exceptionally successful location, which serves as both showroom for a rich selection of HiFi. But there is also a location that has very good acoustics, and thus provides an ultimate setting for the presentation of HiFi.


And also this time there are very exciting products starring in the primary setup. Some of this is old acquaintances. As the streamer Bladelius Mimer, who was on a test stay less than a year ago . It has meanwhile gained a well-deserved stand that makes it really comes into its own, in addition to iOS app that provides improved user interface . This time signal is run digital out to the amps Devialet 400, so Mimer functioned as a pure streamer.



Also Devialet 400 has been intruduced to me before, most recently when they were given the task to drive Avalon Compas. Devialet 400 consists of a Dual Pack Devialet 200, configured as mono blocks of 400 watts. They received as mentioned the signal digitally from Mimer, taking advantage of the integrated DACs.



The speakers in this setup was a completely new face for me. I have listened to a couple of their smaller brothers in the Oval series but Vivid Audio Giya G3 was new for me. They played tremendous, with impressive bass and a rock solid perspective both while playing the blues, and with classical music. These loudspeakers are construct of man responsible for Bowerss & Wilkins`Nautilus speakers, and represents a very different design.



As always Roald has a huge amount of different gear exhibited in his shop. But it was one object that piqued my curiosity more than usual. A couple of super tweeters from ELAC named 4Pi has a very unusual design. They provide an omnidirectional spread, and extends up to 53 kHz.

Renaissance Audio is waiting with excitement on Devialet Phantom, the very strange and exciting active speakers we wrote about before Christmas. Roald has high expectations for these vey unusual constructions with sensational specifications. He has promised to notify us of a new ession when they have arrived. And we will of course share the experience with our readers. Stay tuned!


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