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Gigantic update of our list of amplifiers with HT Bypass Featured

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Our unique overview over stereo amplifiers with HT bypass has been object of a major update. We have been trawling the market and found more than 150 new models added.

One of's pride is that we have a completely unique overview of stereo preamps and integrated preamps that have HT bypass. Many may think that it is very unattractive, and it certainly might be for them. But there are actually more than 750,000 readers out there who have had a different view. For this is the hit number on our English-language version of the overview.

The overview has previously had approx. 400 models from a large number of manufacturers. After neglecting the update for over two years, we have now taken a large work-session and trawled the market for amplifiers with HT bypass. And this laborious job has resulted in the overview being supplemented by more than 150 new models.

Renewed relevance

One might think that an amplifier with HT bypass, or input with fixed gain as it may also be called, has been given less relevance as the home theater boom slowed. But there is a new application area for HT-bypass input that has given this a new relevance. Many people have acquired streamers that have the option of variable output controlled by the mobile or PC / MAC app, where you can also control the volume in the same app. This means that many may wish to Connect the streamer to a fixed gain input.

We have also noted that there is actually an increasing tendency for manufacturers to implement HT bypass, and there is also a clear tendency for this to be implemented using a programmable optional fixed / variable gain on one or more inputs. A smart move, providing great flexibility.

Doubt does not benefit the accused

Ever since this overview was first created more than 13 years ago, we have had strict quality assurance on which amplifiers are included in the overview. For the majority of models, we have gone into the user manual to see the documentation on whether- and how HT bypass is implemented. And if there has not been sufficient clarity, we have not included the model in the overview.


You can find the complete overview here in Norwegian .

Or you can read the English version of the overview.


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