Friday, 27 May 2022 06:58

Three new mid-range models from Denon

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Denon have launched three new products in their HiFi range. We are talking about two components in the brand new 900 series, and a new model that is close to the limit of  HighEnd.

Marantz has launched their fourth product with the new design-line that was introduced just under two years ago. CD 60 is, as the name more than implies a silver record player, and it has an additional trick hidden up its sleeve.

Marantz has launched a new model that follows in the footsteps of MODEL 30 and SACD 30n that arrived at the end of the summer of 2020. And despite the fact that the design  appears as a blueprint of MODEL 30, the new MODEL 40n differs more from the top model than you initially might think. 

A new HighEnd speaker manufacturer with collaboration between Norwegian and Swedish HiFi veterans is on the way. We have had a listening sesssion to a pre-production set.

Tuesday, 06 July 2021 19:31

Upgraded handmade top models from Erzetich

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The Slovenian manufacturer Erzetich has upgraded their two top models Mania and Phobos. And although the new models can be easily recognized by their distinctive features, there are many new elements on both models.

Yamaha expands their Aventage range with three new models of AV receivers. They are the models RX-A4A, RX-A6A and the top model RX-A8A, and the two largest models will have Auro-3D

Skullcandy launch their very first totally wireless In Ear headphones with active noise cancellation. And it's not the only trait they're first featured on Indy ANC.

Audioquest has been a bit of a king of the hill in the PocketDAC exercise for mobile devices. Now some newcomers are signing up as aspirants for a podium place in that exercise, and the freshest newcomer even has a new merit on the CV…

Estonian Estelon continues to celebrate their 10th anniversary. The flagship model Forza arrive in anniversary Edition.

The English-American company HELM Audio launch their contribution to good sound from mobile devices when they now apply a competitor to Audioquest's Dragonfly series of pocket DACs combined with headphone amplifiers with THX certification and support for MQA. HELM BOLT competes in price with Dragonfly Black. Whether it also can measure up when it comes to sound quality, or even can breathe the more expensive models Red and Cobalt in the neck, we don`t know yet.

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