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DAC2 DX - new DAC from Benchmark

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DAC specialist Benchmark launches a new DA converter. DAC2 DX supersede DAC2 D.


The American company Benchmark is the story of PA-actor who played itself into the Audiophiles` homes. They launched quite a few years ago a DAC that was championed by HiFi press, despite a rather pragmatic look that did not play on the conventional audiophile strings. The more persuasive when they are allowed to play cherries with the elite of DACs.

But Benchmark not only care for DACs. In the autumn of 2013 we wrote about Benchmark`s new power amplifier - AHB2, and in 2014 they launched an exciting stand monted speaker with an exclusive appearance in a double sense.




But back to the DACs, which after all is where Benchmark has its main focus beside AD-converters. The manufacturer has had three different DAC models on the repertoire, and now it is the middle model DAC2 D being replaced by newcomer DAC2 DX.

DAC2 DX differs from top model DAC2 HGD in that it only has digital inputs. In return, in addition to XLR outputs it holds two sets of analog RCA outputs, which can be individually configured with fixed- or variable gain. Improvements over its predecessor DAC2 D, we also find XLR AES digital input, 12V trigger input and output, and improved dimming and mute functions.



Of digital inputs on DAC2 DX we find besides the aforementioned XLR AES input optical, coax and USB. The DAC is compatible with DSD, and switches seamlessly between native DSD and native PCM decoding. And with its configurable variable gain outputs, this DAC is used as a complete digital preamp, which can be connected directly to power amplifiers.


Benchmark is imported to Norway by Prolyd .



Manufacturer Specifications:

DAC2 DX Features

o Sample-Rate Display

o Word-Length Display

o Six Digital Inputs

o Three Stereo Analog Outputs

o Two Independent Analog Output Buses

o Digital Pass Through

o Dual HPA2 ™ Headphone Outputs

o Headphone Mute Switch - left headphone jack mutes the main output, function feb ask defeated

o Native DSD Conversion

o Native PCM Conversion

o Asynchronous USB 2.0

o Asynchronous USB 1.1 Driverless Operation

o Volume Control Bypass Function of Main Bus

o Volume Control Bypass Function of Auxiliary Bus

o 12V Trigger I / O - for sequenced system power switching

o Mute Relays - on all analog outputs

o Optional IR Remote Control - with heavy-duty metal housing

o Power Switch

o Low Power Consumption

Benchmark Technologies

Benchmark includes some exciting technologies in the DAC2:

o Hybrid Gain Control

o Low-Impedance Output Passive Attenuators

o High-Headroom DSP

o UltraLock2 ™ Jitter Attenuation System

o High-Head Room 32-bit DSP

o Quad 32-bit balanced the D / A Conversion System

o Multi-Mode Asynchronous USB Audio System

o Digital Diagnostic Display

o Volume Control Bypass

o Digital Pass Through

o Distributed Power Regulation

o "Zero Ohm" HPA2 ™ Headphone Amplifier



Read more about DAC2 DX at Benchmark.



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