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Opticon and Zensor Pico - news from Dali

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Dali present two new additions to their speaker range. We are talking about two new small models in Zensor series, and a whole new series with the name Opticon.




Dali Zensor Pico

The compact budget series Zensor Dali replaced the Series Concept a few years ago. It started with standmount speaker Zensor 1, floor model Zensor 5 center speaker Zensor Vocal. These were a couple of years ago supplemented by the somewhat larger bookshelf speaker Zensor 3 and the biggest floor model Zensor 7.

Now Dali has found a reason to supplement the series with a model that is even more compact than the previously very compact Zensor 1. Dali Zensor Pico has the dimensions 230 x 141 x 196, and has a stated frequency response from 62 - 26.500Hz.



The center speaker Zensor Pico Vocal is by all appearances (and specifications) exactly the same speaker, just tipped over. The front cover has had a horisontal alligned logo, that's all. This makes Dali Zensor Pico Vocal one of very few center speakers that has an asymmetrical element layout.



Dali Opticon

The brand new series Dali Opticon is not launched yet. The release date is set for August 6, and so far Dali conceded just a few teasers.

The series will replace the Icon series, and has been developed based on technology from Rubikon and Epicon series. Opticon get seven different models, for use both in HiFi and home theater setup.


Norwegian importer of Dali is Hi-fi klubben


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