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PUG - new tonearm from Roksan

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Roksan is currently busy in the vinyl sector. One of the news is the tonearm PUG, with a distinct look.


Roksan is located in the northwest corner of London nearby Wembley, and has produced HiFi in more than 30 years. Intermediate and moderate HighEnd has been their main arena, and vinyl-related products are certainly on the menu.

After arm TABRIZ was dismissed, remaining were the reference arm ARTEMIZ at 27.200, - (NOK), and the unipivoting "entry-level"  NIMA. The latter at moderate 7.300, - (NOK).

Price-wise somewhere between these is now the brand new tonearm PUG released. It has a characteristic appearance dominated by the 22mm thick armtube. It is produced in carbon, providing a slight reminiscent of some AV Pro-Ject's carbon models. Carbon reinforcements have som obvious features and benefits, such as high stiffness and low weight.



Supplementary arm portions are manufactured of brass, magnesium and aluminum. Counterbalance is asymmetric and provides a low center of gravity, a detail we otherwise often found in unipivoting arms.

Roksan emphasizes high-quality internal wiring, and a possiblilty for easy installation and setup. The arm has an effective length of 240mm, and effective mass of 14 grams. This would be suitable for pickup in a fairly wide range of medium compliance.

Roksan recommend PickUp-weight between 5 and 9.5 grams, and recommended tracking weight of between 1.2 and 3 grams.


Price in Norway will be NOK 15.260,-

Roksan is imported to Norway by Moet Audio .

Read more about PUG at Roksan .


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