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Denon AVR-X6200W - new top class AV Receiver

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Denon launches a new model that settles just below the flagship model AVR-X7200W. AVR-X6200 stands out as a particularly interesting option for those who want to have full suite of decoding, but still holding bback a little in price.





We saw the first contours of this deputy commander AV receiver already in early summer this year, and wrote briefly about it in our article on Denon's new generation of AV receivers. Denon has nevertheless retained the official launch of the AVR-X6200W until now, and there's a lot of interesting material presented in this newcomer.

We start with 3D decoding, which is the area that is perhaps the greatest interest next to 4k. For Denon is together with their cousin Marantz the only main-stream manufacturer that offers all of the three new formats. Dolby Atmos has become obligatory far down in the budget class, and this year promises most major manufacturers also upgrade to DTS: X on their latest models.

The third format Auro-3D however, still most manufacturers hesitate to implement. Apart from Denon and Marantz. At last year's series you had to step up to AVR-X5200W in order to get the opportunity of upgrading to Auro-3D, while in this year's series it is also available for AVR-X4200W. And certainly also on the freshest model AVR-X6200W, which is simultaneously the smallest model from Denon that allows for a full 11-channel setup - or 7.1.4, albeit using external power amplifier for the last two channels.

But Denon AVR-X6200 offers of course of more than 3D decoding. We start with the amplifier section, which has 9 channels of 140W into 8 ohms, (measuerd with simultaneous operation of two channels). There are pre-out for 13.2, while decoding has a limit of 11 channels.

In the wireless department there is nothing lacking. WiFi and Bluetooth are gradually mandatory deep down in budget class, and for Denon`s concern, this includes Airplay, DLNA and support for Windows 8. When also Spotify Connect is present, there is really just Tidal one could desire on top implemented directly in receiver.



Denon AVR-X6200W is prepared for 4k, and has HDCP 2.2. It also offers upconverting to 4k.

Denon is faithful to Audyssey room correction, and here it has MultEQ XT32 implemented. A good app for iOS and Android is also part of Denon's world, supported of course by AVR X6200W.




Price in Norway is not known to us yet, but there is reason to assume that it will be around 50% above AVR-X4200W.


See Denon's presentation video of AVR-X6200W

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