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"Unrivaled Now Unwired" - New series of surroundreceivers from Denon.

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Denon launch of course a series of new receivers this spring. Initially they announc the two second smallest.

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The European models Denon AVR-X1100 and X2100 are currently the two European models that were announced today. They obviously replace respectively X1000 and X2000, and thus the two second smallest models. On the American continent there is different model designations, and Denon Usa announced three new models a few days ago - S500BT, S700W and S900W. This includes also the successor of the equivalent to the European model X500. We have already posted three videos published by DenonUSA about these new models on Audiophile TV . In the United States, Denon launch the new series under the motto "Flawless Meets Wireless", while  the launching motto of the European models thus seem to be even more ambitious in "Unrivaled Now Unwired".

And just this wireless connection is the important news in all the new models, in that both AVR-X1100 and X2100 (S700W and S900W) has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, while the youngest only has Bluetooth. This Wi-fi is a very natural innovation in these budget receivers, and we find the same tendency this year in the new models from Yamaha.


More information at Denon UK:

Denon AVR-X1100

Denon AVR-X2100


Read about the U.S. models with Denon USA:

Denon AVR-S500BT

Denon AVR-S700W

Denon AVR-S900W


Norwegian importer: Hi-fi klubben

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