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New Premium Series of soundbars from LG Featured

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LG launch four new premium class soundbars. They are developed in collaboration with Meridian Audio.

In addition to some possible lower priced models, LG is launching four new soundboards in the upper segment. These include the flagship model SN11RG, the models SN10YG and SN9YG, as well as the smallest SN8YG.

Collaboration with Meridian Audio

One element that makes LG's soundbars particularly interesting for audiophiles is that LG has partnered with Meridian Audio. In addition to being a supplier of HighEnd equipment, this company, led by Robert Stuart, has given several leading audio algorithms, such as MLP nearly 20 years ago, when DVD-Audio struggled with SACD to become the leading disc-based HighEnd audio format. And more recently, with MQA being a slightly disputed audio format that delivers HighRes audio to streaming services like TIDAL without exceeding lossless bandwidth.

In the collaboration between LG and Meridian Audio, the technologies "Bass" and "Space" stand out, where the former predictably will provide increased bass response, but the latter according to LG should provide improved perspective and increased Width in the soundscape.

AI Romkalibrering

AI Room Calibration is new to LG's premium soundbars, and will provide improved adaptation to room acoustics. LG also claims that this room calibration actively contributes to 3D sound playback, from Dolby Atmos or DTS: X.

Otherwise, eARC contributes to the transmission of these 3D audio codecs directly from TVs that are eARC compliant. And all the models offer 4K Pass-Through. Should you wish to have a chat with your AV setup, it is reassuring to know that the new models are compatible with Google Assistant.

Full Surround

The top model SN11RG provides a full 7.1.4 layout, while for the other three models you can extend to full surround using an available "SPK8 Wireless Rear Speaker Kit".

The models are shown at the upcoming CES of the Year.


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