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Bang & Olufsen present Contrast Collection Featured

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B&O launch Contrast Collection. This is a series of products from several product groups, and has a special visual and tactile expression.

It is well known that Bang & Olufsen is particularly focused on design. There are often seasonal new color palettes in Limited Edition, where the season plays a role in the color scheme.

This time, they have chosen contrast in grayscale as a color theme, and it is light gray and anthracite that are the color shades played in this collection. And the materials that expose the Contrast Collection are wood, aluminum and wool.

Not at all, B&O has used high quality art photography to present this collection, a collection that we can say reflects the light and color of winter.

Norm Architects

The Copenhagen-based architect firm Norm Architects has a number of homes on the conscience, also a beautiful villa in Gjøvik. But they have also been responsible for interior and industrial design, including work for Bang & Olufsen. And it is Norm Architects who has been responsible for the design guides in the Contrast Collection.

The Contrast Collection products

Below you will find an overview of the products that are included in the Contrast Collection, with associated prices in Norway.


  • A9: 25,000 NOK
  • Edge: 33,000 NOK
  • Beosound 1: 14,250 NOK
  • Beosound 2: 20,000 NOK

On The Go

  • H9: 5000 NOK
  • A1: 2750 NOK


  • Internship: 14,250 NOK
  • Shape cover with fabric: 2500 NOK
  • Shape cover with wood: 6000 NOK


Read more about Contrast Collection at Bang & Olufsen


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