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B&O launch 3rd generation Beoplay E8 Featured

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B&O's completely wireless earbuds have reached the third generation. And it involves some significant improvements.

When the Beoplay E8 came in some over two years ago, there was some new ground with completely wireless earbuds. Admittedly, Apples`s Airpds were on the market allready, but beside that this was a fairly glitzy terrain. We had to test if they were any good, and they were...

A year ago, the second generation of the Beoplay E8 was launched, where wireless charging of the case was the main theme. The earbuds themselves were unchanged from the 1st generation

Beoplay E8 3rd Generation

Now is the time for the third generation. Since the first models were launched, much has happened in the market in this sector, and it is important to improve a product if it is to keep up with the competition.

The third generation has improved on several points. The earplugs themselves are more compact, and B&O claims to have a better fit for most people's ears. The size has been reduced by 17%, and they now have a weigh of 5.8 grams per unit.

Battery life is increased to 35 hours. This does not apply to the earbuds alone, but in combination with the charging case, which can now give 4 recharges to the buds. New recharging of the case in two hours.

B&O has also increased the number of microphones from two to four. This should provide greatly improved speech clarity, and better suppression of ambient noise. B&O also claims that the increased number of microphones provides an enhanced Transparency Mode if you want to listen to the surroundings with the plugs in.

The most important news, however, is that the new models will provide improved bass reproduction. This should be achieved with new bass sports.

Beoplay E8 3rd Generation has Bluetooth 5.1, and supports AAC and aptX codec.

The price for the new model is 2,900, - while you need extra 1,200, if you want a wireless charging plate.

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