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Gold Note DS-10 Plus - an Italian hunting knife gets even sharper Featured

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Gold Note launch a Plus version for their compact DS-10. In the DS-10 Plus, the Gold Note has supplemented an analog input.

Last summer we announced the compact 4-in-one box DS-10 . It is a half-width device containing DAC, Streamer, headphone amplifier and preamplifier. The only limitation we pointed at was that it only had digital inputs.

Gold Note DS-10 Plus

With the fresh Plus version, Gold Note has done something about that part as well. In this variant they have supplemented with a 3.5mm mini jack analogue input. This also allows you to play analog sources into the DS-10 Plus, or at least one analog source.

The analog mini jack input is where the Bluetooth antenna sits on the standard DS-10. But that doesn't mean you lack the blue antenna on the Plus version. It has now been moved to the inside. 

With this input tresent you may, for example, connect to Gold Note's Phonot step in the same series -  Gold Note PH-10.

The Gold Note DS-10 Plus does not replace the model we mentioned a few months ago. It comes in as a supplement. So the choice is up to you whether you want to choose the variant that has analogue input, or if you can manage with only digital sources.


And to repeat some highlights from the full digital version, the DS-10 DAC is compatible with PCM up to 32bit / 384kHz and DSD64 / 128. It has both coax and optical input, as well as an asynchronous AES input. There are also USB-A and USB-B inputs. For many, it will be essential that the DS-10 is also MQA compliant.


Perhaps the most interesting feature of the DS-10 is that it is a full-blood streamer, and that with very extensive expertise. In addition to the usual power services Tidal, Qobuz, Airplay, Spotify, Deezer and V-Tuner, DS-10 Roon is compatible.

In addition to WiFi and wired networks, the Gold Note also debuts with Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility. UPnP and DLNA are of course also implemented.

Gold Note has developed a dedicated app for operating the DS-10 and the larger model DS-1000.

In addition to being a complete DAC and streamer, the DS-10 is also a preamplifier. It has a HighEnd analog preamplifier that can be switched off, and can thus function as a complete preamplifier.

Headphone Amplifier

There is also a lavish headphone amplifier, with 6.3mm jack input and selectable sensitivity for connected headphone flexibility.



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