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Marantz and Denon with AURO-3D upgrade.

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Dolby tried to drag a Kupper`n special - "two inner and away." But when the smoke had settled, Auro Technologies breathed in the neck hairs of Dolby  ...


Dolby has managed to dominate the arena completely with their solution for 3D sound lately, after they early this summer started the raid that many thought would leave a hopeless battleground for competitors. And the competition is in practice Auro Technologies we are talking about, since DTS in practice has shown moderate interest. And Auro-3D has simply no plan to let Dolby win on walk-over.

This Belgian company has substantiated that the neighborhood of the Netherlands has provided excellent skills in skating. For instead to let the psyche of a "two inner and away" as our own Knut "kupper`n" Johansen sworn to, it has been shown that they also have used the technique of lie directly behind the opponent at the exchange side to take adwantage of undertow. They have allowed Dolby Atmos pave the way with upgraded math capacity of processors and process users in the idea of extended speaker package, knowing that Auro-3D would only be a firmware upgrade away when this was in place.

And that's where we are now. 5 AV giants have introduced Dolby Atmos on their receivers and processors, and now the first pop up with alerts about upcoming FW update for Auro-3D. It was D & M (Denon & Marantz) that October 15 had a press launch in which the news that Marantz`s models AV7702 and SR7009 will get firmware update around the end of the year. And Denon will follow at the Auro-3D upgrade for their two models with Atmos - AVR X4100W and AVR-X5200W.

Auro-3D can use exactly the same speaker setup as Dolby Atmos, if there are used ceiling height speakers. However, it is more uncertain regarding "Atmos enabled" speakers. There are already 3 releases by Auro-3D from 2L, as by a wide margin was the first to deliver Auro-3D on Blu-ray.

This turn of events confirms the suspicion some of us have had for a while - that Atmos and Auro-3D is going to live in parallel in the same way that Dolby and DTS have done for decades.

Brush the dust of your German skills, and watch the video that the German AV dealer Grobi TV has posted on Youtube:


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The battle for supremacy in the air is loose.

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