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New 600-series from Denon Featured

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Denon launch a brand new series in the budget class. The two products take over the baton from the 500 series.

The 500 Series has been Denon's entry line among the full-width components. The latest products in this series are PMA-520AE and DCD-520 respectively. These are now being replaced by products in the brand new 600 series. The series falls below the new 800 series that was launched last fall and which we reviewed earlier this year .

Denon PMA-600NE

Although the PMA-600NE will eventually replace the PMA-520AE, it is obviously a better equipped amplifier. Like the PMA-800NE , the PMA-600NE also has built-in DAC and digital inputs - two optical and one digital. It also has a Bluetooth receiver, which allows you to play wirelessly from a mobile device.

Another advantage over the predecessor is that the PMA-600NE has an output for subwoofer. At this point, surprisingly, the big brother PMA-800NE is also surpassed.


The rated poser is the same as on the predecessor. We prefer to concentrate on the specifications in 8 ohms, and here it provides 2x45 watts. A relatively rich selection of analog inputs is complemented by a phono input for MM pickup.

An important feature is that the PMA-600NE is prepared for HEOS integration via a remote input. This means that you can supplement with a Heos-compatible streamer, such as the DNP-800NE . Or maybe there eventually will be a dedicated streamer in the 600 series as well?

Read more about PMA-600NE at Denon


Denon DCD-600NE

The CD player DCD-600NE is quite similar to the larger model DCD-800NE , but is somewhat simpler. Instead of Advanced AL32 Processing Plus, the kid brother has the somewhat simpler AL32 Processing. It also does not have USB input, as the larger model has.

In addition to a set of analog outputs, it also has a digital optical output. It also has a set of remote connections that enable control via the HEOS APP.

Both new models are available in black and premium silver.

Read more about DCD-600NE at Denon

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