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PM7000N - new streaming amplifier from Marantz Featured

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Marantz launch a new integrated mid-range amplifier. And it does a lot more more than amplifying the signal.

Marantz has a long lead time in producing integrated mid-range amplifiers, and the PM7000N replaces the PM7000, which is a pure amplifier. But with the new PM7000N they have taken a giant new step This is the first time Marantz is making an integrated stereo network amplifier that is also a streamer, at least if we ignore the stereo AV-receiver NR1200 , which we wrote about earlier this summer .


Analog amplifier

The PM7000N has a traditional Marantz design, and also the amplifier design follows well-known features of Marantz, with HDAM-SA3 modules and Current Feedback amplification in addition to a torodial transformer. The amplifier delivers 60W in 8 ohms.

There are four analog inputs, one of which is a phono input with FET input stage for MM pickups. There is also a fixed analog output, as well as a single subwoofer output with associated low-pass filter with adjustable LP-frequency in 20Hz increments between 40 Hz and 120 Hz.



Digital department

In addition to the analog inputs, there is a coaxial and two optical digital inputs, plus a USB-A input. The DAC is an AKM AK4490, which we also find in Onkyo's new flagship TX-RZ3400 that we wrote about a few weeks ago. This DAC allows the PM7000N to support Waw files up to 24bit / 192kHz, and DSD 2.8 MHz and 5.6 MHz.



Not surprisingly, a HEOS engine takes care of the streaming functionality of the Marantz PM7000N. This means that all the essential streaming services are available. Also including the interesting streaming service of Amazon Music which has just launched both HighRes Music and music in Dolby Atmos will be available on the PM7000N when it is eventually released on the Norwegian market. Marantz has just announced the Amazon Music update for streaming-based products.

As is well known, the HEOS makes the PM7000N also compatible in a multi-room setup with a number of Denon and Marantz products.



We do not yet know the Norwegian price, but expect it to rise in the border areas around four- and five-digit amounts in NOK.

Read more about PM7000N at Marantz


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