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New Melodies from Marantz

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Marantz launch two upgraded models in their range of compact network recievers. Take a look at Melody Stream and Melody Media.



Among all products in Marantz's assortment we find a few that stand out by being far more compact than the other. And Marantz appeals to the more lyrical persons among us, by in addition to the more clinical model specifications having given them a more pleasant nickname, both with "Melody" as an umbrella.

The Melody Media and the bigger brother Melody Stream have their predecessors, but several news characterize this year's upgraded models. Spotify Connect is one of them - a treat for us who enjoy streaming music from servers with good comfort.

In the more audiophile oriented department it is also worth noting that the largest of the new models now supports streaming of 2.8 MHz DSD. Bluetooth is supported in both models, in terms of aptX. M-CR511.

Both models can also be controlled by Marantz's app, which is available for both iOS and Android.



Melody Stream

Marantz M-CR511 is the smaller of the two models, and has the nickname Melody Stream. Without the use of additional components it is only capable of playing networked sources. On the other hand it is well equipped in this department,  with WiFi, aptX Bluetooth, AirPlay and Spotify Connect. Web Radio and DNLA is also available.



The power of Melody Stream (M-CR511) is claimed to be 2x60Watt in 6 ohms. It has oner optical, and one analog input. There is also a dedicated subwoofer output.



Melody Media

Marantz M-CR611 is the bigger brother nicknamed Melody Media, and has CD drives as the most striking difference. A little neat touch is that you can choose from four colors of lighting at the front.



In the more practical section must be mentioned that Melody Media also has DAB radio. Two sets of speaker terminals together with two optical inputs and full pre-out allows Marantz Melody Media being a clearly more flexible receiver, while the rated power is the same as in the smallest model.


See Marantz`s launch video for the new Melody models:

Marantz is imported to Norway by Akusitkk AS

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