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Aries Cerat Kassandra Mk2 - New DAC in reference-class

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Aries Cerat launches new DAC in the extreme division of HighEnd segment. 60kg DAC provides the term heavy Hifi with new meaning.



Aries Cerat LTD is located in Cyprus, in the town of Limassol. This manufacturer has concentrated on HiFi in th HighEnd segment, and has a number of amplifiers in the product range, both integrated and separates. And a common feature of the majority is that there are tubes involved. Aries cerate also has a range of loudspeaker models, sometimes holding unconventional constructions.

Today we are used to DACs living in tiny boxes, much smaller than typical HiFi Components. PocketDAC has become a term in a wave that many manufacturers have jumped on. Aries Cerat has gone in the opposite direction. Kassandra Mk2 weighs 60kg and has a cabinet that shatters the common framework for HiFi components.



In Kassandra Mk2 the manufacturer has had ambitions to produce a DAC "as good as it gets," and costs seems to have been no object. Delta-sigma DACs are the most common around today, but Aries cerate believes that R2R provides the best results. And they have chosen AD1865, an 18 bit R2R-converter. A total of 16 pieces - 8 pcs. in parallel per. channel.

In the analog stage trhey have used triodes. And if you think triodes in the picture looks unlikely small, you get it all wrong. It`s the cabinet on Kassandra Mk2 being unlikely big!

Kassandra Mk2 is also available in a signature version, with improved power supply.



Read more about Kassandra Mk2 at Aries Cerate .

Audio Art is stated as Norwegian importer of Aries Cerat.



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