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DCD-50 - new compact CD player from Denon

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Denon launches partner to the compact amplifier PMA-50. The CD player DCD-50 will arrive in June.



Just before Christmas last year, we reported about the new compact integrated amplifier PMA-50 from Denon. This is a class-D amplifier with digital additional expertise, where both USB DAC and Bluetooth are present.


Now Denon launch a natural partner for this amplifier, for those who also want to be able to play CD collection. DCD 50 has the same compact dimensions as PMA-50, and is a pure CD player. Onboard you'll find a 32 bit 192kHz DAC. And if you rather prefere to send the signal digitally onto a PMA-50 via coax output, you can take advantage of the latter's Advanced AL 32 processing.



Both the amplifier and CD player can optionally be used vertically or horizontally, which is underlined by the rotatable logo in the mini display on both components.


The price in Europe is estimated to be 399 Euro.

Denon is imported to Norway by Hi-Fi klubben.




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