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B&W P5 Wireless – aptX-hodetelefon fra Bowers & Wilkins.

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Bowers & WIlkins går trådløst med sin hodetelefon P5. Det er samtidig første gang denne renommerte produsenten benytter Bluetooth i sine hodetelefoner.



B&W P5 Wireless er tredje versjon av P5 fra Bowers & WIlkins. I september i fjor melde vi om den oppgraderte P5 S2, og nå lanserer B&W P5 Wireless.

P5 Wireless benytter apt X til den trådløse overføringen, og B&W hevder at de kutter ledningen uten at det går ut over lydkvaliteten. Batteriet gir 17 timers lyttetid før lading, og en USB-kabel lar deg lade direkte fra en laptop.



Det er to stk. 40mm fulltoneelementer som ivaretar lydproduksjonen, og B&W sitt team har tunet P5 Wireless til å gi samme lydkvalitet som P5 S2.


Pris i Norge: kr. 3.398,-

B&W forhandles av Hi-fi klubben.



Les Pressemeldingen fra Boweers & Wilkins:



The new P5 Wireless - hear everything, anywhere, wirelessly




Bowers & Wilkins, the British loudspeaker company noted for bringing its knowledge and experience of acoustic excellence to the headphone category for the first time with the highly regarded P5 headphones, now announces P5 Wireless – the latest in convenience headphone listening without any compromise in audio quality.

P5 Wireless are Bowers & Wilkins first Bluetooth® headphones, and offer all the power, precision and true Hi-Fi sound of the renowned P5 Series 2 headphones – the same luxurious materials and solid build quality – but with the added advantage of high-quality wireless streaming.

Using the same Bluetooth aptX® technology that helped deliver fantastic audio for the Bowers & Wilkins T7, P5 Wireless are capable of reproducing the best possible sound that your device (whether it is a smartphone, tablet or computer) is able to deliver.

P5 Wireless are simple to connect to a compatible device, and also feature intuitive controls that allow users to not only play/pause and skip music but also answer calls without fuss. They also feature two microphones, which helps deliver great telephony audio in addition to fantastic music playback.

P5 Wireless’ rechargeable battery lasts a class-leading 17 hours before a charge is required. And thanks to a supplied USB cable, charging from a computer is a breeze. If a cable is preferred to wireless listening, one is supplied in the box along with a padded carry case.

The luxurious leather and aluminium materials and discreet, timeless design will be familiar to those who know the P5 Series 2, but with P5 Wireless people who demand the freedom of wire-free listening can enjoy Bowers & Wilkins sound quality for the first time.


The new P5 Wireless is priced at $399.99 and available online immediately at

and in retail locations by July 15, 2015.





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