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RECORD NEWS: Traces of an Old Vineyard - Masha Vahdat meets Tord Gustavsen.

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KKV release a new CD with the Iranian singer Masha Vahdat. On Traces of an Old Vineyard jazz pianist Tord Gustavsen has arranged the melodies.



Masha Vahdat has a long track record at KKV, and as so often in this record company, it is mostly musical multicultural releases, where Iranian music meets western music in one incarnation or another . So also this time, where jazz pianist has arranged music originating in Masha Vadhat`s own written melodies to poems of classical Iranian poets.



Tord Gustavsen plays piano and keyboards, Shervin Mohajer plays kamancheh, while Ali Rahimi is playing percussion. Masha Vahdat`s cooperation with Tord Gustavsen is not new on Traces of an Old Vineyard, which is her first solo album.


Release date is 23.januar.


Read more about Traces of an Old Vineyard at KKV .





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