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Kvart & Bølge - an unusual speaker concept

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The Danish speaker designer Bjorn Johannessen has joined forces within the US and Mexico. They have together launched the speaker Quartz & Wave.


It is not just the design concept that separates Kvart & Bølge from your average speaker. Also when it comes to design, it is highlyt different. Or - actually it is the customer who has the final word in the design by these sleek speakers. For in addition to a few standard variants with finish in Wenge and Zebra, for the same price book a pair of speakers with just the surface you design yourself. Or you can choose among a handful ferdigdekporerte speakers from artists.

But let us return to the more audiophile oriented aspect of Kvart & Bølge. Although my mind wanders a little trip to Bjorn Johannessen`s compatriots in System Audio Ole Witthoft in the lead, Kvart & Bølge has taken it much further out with their 3-inch full-range element put in a 10cm wide cabinet with transmission line concept for bass. And a specified frequency response of 38Hz - 22kHz (albeit without specified tolerance) suggests that they truly made miracles with this construction. Constructor otherwise emphasized that the simple construction with a single element has advantages both in terms of being a point source, and in avoiding the problems that easily occurs with crossovers.



In addition to the various designs offered, one can get Kvart & Bølge in three different configurations - as pure speakers, combined with an ultra compact bluetooth equipped amplifier or as a wired setup.


Read more about Quartz & Wave at the manufacturer .



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