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Llwyn Helyg - resort for hardcore audiophiles. Update 19.03 with detailed information about the HighEnd setup.

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If you belong to the group of hardcore audiophiles who stay home during the holiday because you get withdrawal symptoms by several days' absence from your HighEnd rig? Then consider Llwyn Helyg Country House in South Wales.


In a beautiful setting northwest of Swansea in Southwestern part of Wales we find a very special accommodation. In addition to being a great Country House with many awards for its accommodation facilities, they have understood what it takes to draw to a special customer group.

Audiophiles hotel guests are usually not very well accustomed when it comes HiFi around the accommodation. Some elevator music, and perhaps lethargic background in the restaurant is probably the best one can hope for.



Not so in Llwyn Helyg Country House. They have invested in a separate Listening Room, where they have rigged a really serious HighEnd rig. The layout consists of components from Krell, Wilson Audio, Theta and Basic. There is also a record collection of CDs and Vinyl, or you can bring your own music.

Caron and Fiona tell us that the system pictured consists of a pair of Monblock Krell Reference KRS200 Power Amps driving Wilson Audio X1 Grandslamm Series V Speakers,  a Krell FPB700 Power Amp drives the two (1.85 mtr. tall) Wilson Audio XS Subwoofers.   Pre.Amp is a Krell Reference KRS Monoblock units.

Analogue source is a Basis Debut Gold Standard Turntable., SME V Arm with Koetsu 80th. Anniversary Cartridge.

CDs are played through Theta Data Basic Transport and Theta Pro Generation 5 DAC.

Cables are largely Transparent Audio and Mandrake.


There also are arranged music events where other than the hotel accommodation guests can enjoy The Listening Room.


The owners Caron and Fiona are very proud over the fact that TripAdvisor have Ranked Llwyn Helyg as Number 6 Best Bed & Breakfast in the World in January 2015.



Read more about Llwyn Helyg Country House .



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