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DenDAC 50 - new DAC from Densen

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Densen launches for the first time a separate DAC. But DenDAC 50 is simultaneously a complete preamplifier.


Densen has also been known for their CD players in the characteristic minimalist designed boxed. They produced the first CD player many years ago, but a separate DAC has not been released until now.

DenDAC 50 is a complete preamplifier, and in addition to an XMOS-based asynchronous USB input it has two coax and two optical digital inputs. But it also has three analog inputs, and has a completely analog volume control. In other words, an analog preamplifier coupled with flexible DAC.

Densen places great emphasis on power supplies, and have separate power supplies for analog and digital circuits. Output stages are class-A.



Densen`s specifications on DenDAC 50:

Digital Inputs: 
1 USB 2.0
2 Toslink

Analogue Inputs: 
3 Line inputs using RCA

1 Fixed output direct from DAC.
1 Variable output from DAC/Preamp

Storage capacity:

2 x 90VA Toroid transformer.

14/15 Kg

Product dimensions (WxDxH): 



Read more about DenDAC 50 hos Densen

Norwegian distributor is Oslo HiFi Center



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