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Perla and Orfeo - two new standmount speakers from Xavian

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Xavian has launched two new standmount speakers. We are talking about Xavian Perla and the bigger brother Orfeo. And they are both part of a new series as Xavian call Natura.




The Czech-Italian manufacturer Xavian currently has no distributor in Norway. A few years back Xavian was imported to Norway by Audiofoni, a compny situated in Skudeneshavn. And it left deep traces - they received praise in Norwegian HiFi press and among satisfied owners. Myself I am still an owner of a pair of Mia II, complete with center speaker and subwoofer in one of my setups.

In the past, the Italian constructor Roberto Barletta has been working on a couple of new models, and we have glanced in anticipation of launch. Both models are now released, and it is in the shape of two standmount speakers in solid walnut with mosaic structure, and with heavily rounded corners.



We start with the smallest model - Perla. It has a 26mm soft-dome, and a 6-inch for midrange and bass. In itself a very little eyelifting armament.

However, it is what happens between these elements that stand out sharply. Barletta has chosen a crossover that is connected in series so that the signal passes through both elements. We who are not very versed in technical detailes have been walking around thinking that this is a practical impossibility, that the signal had to be connected in parallel to the two elements. Now we know differently. Roberto Barletta justifies this choice with the phase error is minimized in this way, and calls the concept Phase Zero .

Perla has the slit-shaped bass port located in the front, which normally provides greater flexibility in placement.




Orfeo is the preliminary largest model in Natura series. Here the bass port is moved to the rear. This is a relatively large bookshelf speakers, and is armed with a 29mm AudioBarletta Soft Dome, and a seven inch AudioBarletta midrange and bass. This should give a frequency range from 33 to 30,000 Hz, unexpectedly low for bookshelf speakers.



Read more about Perla at Xavian .

Read more about Orfeo at Xavian .


See video on Xavian Perla:


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