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TX-SR444 - Onkyo push the limits for Dolby ATMOS further down the range

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Onkyo has kept a small card up their sleeve this spring. Having released the spring collection with budget- and middle class receivers, we all thought that it was only the heavier league with TX-NR848 and upward that was not unveiled. But they have retained the biggest surprise of all.


Onkyo surprised really great also a couple of months ago, when they blew up the limit of how far down in their range they had chosen to go with Atmos. TX-NR545 had grown from a 5.1 receiver to a 7.1 model, which can also be set up as 5.1.2 in Dolby Atmos. And not only that - they announced support for DTS: X as free software update later this year.

Now they launched TX-SR444, where they actually also offer Dolby Atmos. The change of initials tells us that we no longer have a network receiver. TX-SR444 stands pretty much like an extended version of the TX-SR343's. The effect is the same, and they both have Bluetooth as the only wireless option. But TX-SR444 has thus two channels more.

DTS: X is not mentioned related to the TX-SR444, and it is reasonable to assume that this is reserved for models from TX-NR545 and above. The upgrade would have otherwise been somewhat cumbersome without networking opportunities as the larger models hold.


Norwegian importer is Mono AS


Read more about TX-SR444 at Onkyo .



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