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Artera - new stereo set from Quad

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Quad launches new stereo set. Artera consists of a combined CD player / DAC / Preamplifier - Artera Play , and a dual-channel power amplifier - Artera Stereo .


A few days ago we presented the brand new range S Series of Quad . It has models that place the series in the upper midrange. THis new stereo set Artera is placed in this segment, or perhaps more correctly what in terms of price could call gently HighEnd.

Elegant design where they tend go new ways has always been one of Quad`s characteristics. And that is true also for the Artera set. Pure lines, with detailing that makes it easyly standing out from the crowd.




Quad Artera Play

Artera Play is a multifunction box. A CD player that also has digital inputs for use as DAC is a familiar feature for new products in 2015. With Play has Quad chosen to go even further - this is also a complete preamplifier.



DAC in Artera Play is an ESS ES9018 32bit DAC, and can play files with resolutions of up to 24bit / 384kHz, or DSD64 / 128/256. These are available via the USB input. There is also two optiske- and two coax digital inputs, and one each of the same as digital outputs.

We find two sets of analog inputs, and both XLR and RCA pre-out.




Quad Artera Stereo

Artera Stereo is a two-channel power amplifier, providing 2x140 watts into 8 ohms. The amplifier uses Quad's Current Dumping technology, which is a kind of class AB.



We do not know the price in Norway yet, but we have seen rumors that the price in UK will be 1.500 UKP for each.


Quad is imported to Norway by Neby Hi-FI Concept AS

Read more about Artera with Quad .

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