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New micro system from Pioneer is playing bluetooth in all colors

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Pioneer launches two new compact system. And one of them is very colorful.




Pioneer X-CM35

The most "expensive" series is called X-CM35, and is available in 7 different colors. It is a micro system, where the central device supports Bluetooth, and thus can accept wireless music from smartphones and tablets. Or hose who prefer wired connection may connect to the same devices via the USB port in the front, which supports MP3 and WMA format.

For those who prefer silver discs, there is also an integrated CD player which also handles home burned CDs. In addition, the X-CM35 has an FM and AM tuner.

The speakers that come with X-CM35 is active two-way structures. This allows both for bass boost and equalizer, for whoever enjoys this.

Pioneer X-CM35 has price in Europe at 229 Euro.


Pioneer X-HM15

X-HM15 is a somewhat more traditional compact stereo sets from Pioneer. Both in terms of design and concept. Here is the classic look of the central unit, with aluminum face.

The series is available in three different configurations, where the base model lacks both Bluetooth and DAB, and has a price on the continent at 179 Euro. Add 20 Euro you get X-HM15BT, and it's probably no surprise that Bluetooth is included. For additional 30 Euro you get in addition a DAB radio, which also supports DAB +. This model is called X-HM15BTD, retailing at 229 Euro.

Here there are not active speakers supplied. Instead, Pioneer have placed the 15 watt big amplifier inside the receiver. The speakers are two-way designs with 4-inch woofers.

The new series will be available from September and October, depending on models..




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