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RECORD NEWS: Henning Kraggerud - Equinox.

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Henning Kraggerud has made the release Equinbox in collaboration with Jostein Gaarder. It has the title "24 Keys to a world before it slips away", and is a work that is inspired by the number 24, reflected both in the hours of the day and music`s 24 keys.


Although Henning Kraggerud is best known as a violinist, he has also composed many works. Brodsky Quartet and Britten Sinfonia are among the many who have ordered and premiered music by Kraggerud.

Equinox is the two days of the year when the day is as long as overnight.



Henning Kraggerud and Jostein Gaarder has rediscovered a partnership where a text of Gaarder has inspired Kraggerud to create a composition where the 24 hours receive equivalences to tone world's 24 keys - major and minor of each halftone.

The work is performed by Norwegian Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra Chamber Orchestra, lead by Henning Kraggerud.


Equinox is released as CD on Simax, and has 4. september as international release date.




Read the press release from Simax Classics, translated by


Henning Kraggerud: Equinox



HENNING KRAGGERUD: Equinox - 24 Postludes for Violin and Chamber


Henning Kraggerud, violin · Arctic Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra

Henning Kraggerud has composed beautiful, mournful, exuberant and heartbreaking music.




Henning Kraggerud stands in a brilliant career as a violin soloist with leading orchestras. It is not yet as well known that he is also a very prolific composer! On the CD release Equinox is Kraggerud both soloist and composer - music to Equinox; a feature-length works he created together with Jostein Gaarder. Welcome to the magical Equinox!


Brodsky Quartet and Britten Sinfonia are among the many prominent artists who have ordered and premiered music written by Henning Kraggerud. In Equinox Kraggerud has been inspired to spin upon elements from Gaarder's text about a special journey through 24 time zones around the globe within a day. The theatrical version is performed next time on June 24 this year under the Risør Chamber Music Festival with Gaarder even reading.


24 Keys to a world before slipping

Equinox means the two days in a year when day and night is of equal length - the light and dark forces in balance - and it is precisely on this day Jostein Gaarder's story unfolds. In Equinox we set out on a musical journey through 24 keys, Circle of fifths around. Our protagonist is in a difficult situation; he waits for a neurological diagnosis. At midday he tumbles out in Greenwich Park where he is ejected in a kaleidoscopic journey to all 24 time zones, one for each fifteenth longitude.



Henning Kraggerud and Jostein Gaarder in an exciting collaboration

The book 'The Solitaire Mystery' - playing on the deck's compared to weeks, days and years - gave Kraggerud the idea of ​​a work based on the numeral 24 - obtained from key system we have used in the West over the last 500 years. Kraggerud and Gaarder have found each other in a stunning and existential story that takes us around the earth and Circle of fifths. But what is the thing about these tone species? Does it make any sense to say that E-flat minor is depression and the ghost key, that F major is natural and easy, or that B minor is a dark key suited in preparation for suicide? Have every key its own essence or "soul"? 16-18-century theorists, philosophers, writers and composers were convinced of this. An example: "Besides major. A degeneration in despair and ecstasy, an oily smile prelude to tears. Just unusual characters and emotions are appropriate for this tone species."


Four violin concertos on the way around the world

Henning Kraggerud has composed beautiful, mournful, exuberant and heartbreaking music that is organized in four violin concertos called Afternoon, Evening, Night and Morning. Here he plays a lot, also with the qualities that have been linked to the different tone species.


Some quotes from theorists, philosophers and composers are included in the release, and open up some of the underlying understanding that is part of the tone species history. Since autumn 2012, Henning Kraggerud has been artistic director of the Arctic Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, and the orchestra has received high recognition within genre productions. Equinox was premiered under Nordlysfestivalen in 2014 to rave reviews, and was commissioned for NOSO. Kraggerud plays on a 1744 Guarneri del Gesu, owned by Dextra Musica AS.


Release: 04/09/2015 | Catalog number: PSC1348 | EAN: 7033662013487 | Price Category: 1CDK | Genre (s): Strings, Concerto, World premiere recording, Easy Listening





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