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Pro-Ject MAiA DS - new compact box with even greater expertise

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Pro-Ject has launched a compact integrated amplifier that exceeds MAiA in functionality and performance. Take a look at the Pro-Ject MAiA DS.





In September last year we published our review of the ultra-compact stereo amplifier Maia DS from Pro-Ject. In addition to playing insolent good, it has the epitome of functionality that one could hardly believe possible to the very moderate price and in such a small enclosure.

Now it appears that Pro-Ject had ambitions to beat their defensive record with the larger issue MAiA DS.

If we start with the exterior, the MAiA DS has a much larger enclosure, but without the need to assume that it will scare away anyone. The height of the box is doubled, yet the depth reduced by 20-30%. Pro-Ject does not give volume at the doors of those boxes ...

We start with the power section. There is still a class-D amplifier sitting inside MAiA DS. But compared to the amplifier we tested the power has increased to 2x40 watts into 8 ohms, and 2x55 W 4 ohms. If you want to extend this, Pro-Ject offer a separate power supply - Power Box MAiA DS. With this in use the rated power increases to 2X80 Watt! Power Box can function as external power supply for up to 5 Pro-Ject devices simultaneously.



It remains a DAC inside MAiA DS, but besides that it is an asynchronous DAC playing files with resolutions of up to 24bit / 192kHz, it has at this extended amplifier also received DSD expertise - DSD64 / DSD128 / DSD 256. Bluetooth is otherwise present also on Maia DS.

The number of inputs and outputs were impressive also the basic version of MAiA, and on MAiA DS this has increased significantly. The number of regular analog RCA inputs have increased from two to three, and Phono input now have the opportunity for both MM and MC pickups.

MAiA DS has both fixed and variable RCA outputs, plus a dedicated subwoofer output. And the otherwise appealing speaker terminals that were very narrow on MAiA has on the MAiA DS got more air around them.

Cherry on the icing on MAiA DS is undeniable possibility of control via an app. Pro-Ject has developed an app for Android, but an iOS version is on the way. In addition to being able to control MAiA DS, also selected streamers and CD players from Pro-Ject can be controlled.



Importer of Pro-Ject is Ljudtema.


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