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Analogy Records produces and sells original master tapes!

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Analogy Records has an unique concept. They sell master tapes that are mixed directly from multitrack recordings.



Roberto Vigo was born in Genoa and is no novice in audio production. In 1993 he completed education in Milan Scuola Civica di Jazz, and has since been working with audio and music production.

Two years ago he got an idea to produce- and sell master tapes to audiophile customers, and this is the concept of Analogy Records. They work directly with musicians in their own studio, and instead of making a master tape which is then copied to tapes for sale to the end user, each tape is produced directly from multitrack recordings.



Analogy Records is according to themselves the world's first recording company that does this, and the advantage is obvious - saving a sound reducing link in the production chain.

Customer orders tape directly from Analogy Records before any individual master tape being produced. The customer can thus also decide some important parameters such as size and quality of the tape, recording speed and eq.



Analogy Records has two main classes - Premium and Basic. Premium costs 270 Euro, and in addition to the higher quality of the tape a different packaging, with handmade box. Basic costs 90 Euro.

Currently Analogy Records hold 9 titles in their asortiment.



Read more at analogy Records .




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