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dCS introduces the Rossini range

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Cambridge-based dCS launching a brand new series. Rossini will consist of DAC / streamer, and an integrated CD player. In addition, there is a new master clock in the timeline.


dCS stick to classical composers when they name their product ranges. Vivialdi, Scarlatti, Paganini and Debussy are all onboard.Also Puccini, but he must now accept being replaced by a much earlier major opera composer. The new range Rossini will be available from August this year, and will have two main components - one DAC / streamer, and an integrated CD player. There are also rumors of a new clock in Rossini series eventually. And no, we're not talking wristwatch...

Digital technology is a hallmark of dCS. Ring DAC is dCS`s proprietary DAC, and has been an important trademark for dCS in a small lifetime (okay, boy age). Arcam has also been a customer and user of Ring-Dac. This DAC has of course been through a development phase, and Rossini has received the iversion that has been used in Vivaldi series.


Rossini DAC

Rossini DAC is a DA converter that also has opportunities for streaming. In addition to streaming from HDD or server, it can stream from the web. It has built-in client for TIDAL, Spotify and Deezer.

DAC is able to take care of files at resolutions up to 24bit / 384kHz. Or DSD128. And it is possible that it is only we who have slept an hour, but for us it is a novelty with the possibility of upsampling by DSD.

Digital inputs on Rossini dac we find USB, AES and S / PDIF. You have a choice between fixaed and variable outputs Rossini DAC, which allows it to be used as a digital preamplifier sends the signal directly to effekforsterker.

Rossini has a new user interface, and has a separate app for controlling the device.




Rossini CD

dCS Rossini CD is a Rossini DAC with integrated CD drive. It has otherwise the same functionality as Rossini DAC, including streaming capabilities.


The transport in Rossini CD can not play SACD, but the processor section can receive signal from SACD via other transports from dCS. This can be transmitted digitally via Dual AES digital outputs from Vivaldi, Paganini or Scarlatti CD transport.





Rossini Master Clock

There is also a brand new master clock at once Rossini series. We do not know much about this, other than that it also will be available in August.


Asking Price Rossini DAC: 175.000, -  (NOK)

Asking Price Rossini CD: 209.000, - (NOK)


Importer of dCS to Norway is Hoyum Hi-Fi .

Read more about Rossini at dCS




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