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Procession Turntable - unique vinyl player from Walker Audio

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Walker Audio has launched a more affordable alternative to the extreme flagship rig Proscenium Black Diamond V. But "little brother" Procession stands on his own, and has features not found on the top model.


Lloyd Walker is situated on the outskirts of Pensylvania with the firm Walker Audio, and besides HighEnd turntables and Phono Stage also produces accessories to vinyl and other HiFi equipment. The flagship Proscenium Black Diamond (PBD) has been on the market quite a long time, and has managed to come to version No.5. There are characteristic features of airborne turntable, and motor separated from the turntable.

According to Lloyd Walker he has received many requests for a less expensive model, and therefore the name of this new model coud be "By Request". Procession is a far cheaper model than PBD V, to the extent it is appropriate to use the word "cheap" in connection with the price tags on 38-45000, - USD. It is nevertheless "a fraction of the cost" compared with the top model.



Walker Audio Procession Turntable has unlike the top model dropped the airborne turntable. But in return it has something that big brother misses - it can be ordered with remote controlled adjustment of VTA and SRA. Lloyd Walker emphasizes the importance of correct adjustment of VTA / SRA, and with this 12-inch arm you may sit in the listening position and fine-tune these settings "by ear."

Walker claimes that this is the first record player with remote controlled adjustment of VTA and SRA. It is optional and increases the price from 38.000 to 45.000 USD.



Read more about Procession Turntable at Walker Audio .


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