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Doxa announce cables

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Doxa is an institution in Norwegian HiFi and is best known for their separate amplifiers located safely outside the HiFi A4 format. Now Knut Lauvland is launching cables as part of Doxa's product range.





Ever since 1978, Knut Lauvland has been a familiar figure in Norwegian HiFi. Doxa have delivered preamplifiers, power amplifiers and DACs in unconventional formats, and sometimes legendary sound.

But also speaker models, where some of those are characterized by a retracted standalone tweeter on top, slightly inspired by B & W Matrix. Or is it vice versa?

Doxa has actually produced cables for a while, but there has not been any official release until now. Partly because of that they have sold at least as many as they have been able to produce. Now Doxa is increasing their cable production, and have appointed a person to take care of this.

Doxa has physical laws as the basis for product development of cables, added an amount of listening. They even care of every detail in the development of cables, and order copper from Germany, silver from Norway, and insulation from England.

There are two main categories - signal cables and speaker cables. These are then divided into three different quality levels, but Doxa argue that even the most inexpensive models are well qualified for a place in a HighEnd setup.

We take a look at each model:






Doxa signal cables

All signal cables are made with conductors in pure copper. It is used solder in silver and gold, and the connectors are manufactured in non-magnetic, gold plated brass.

Doxa I-1 is the most inexpensive signal cable, where "I" an obviously stands for interconnect.

The price for Doxa I-1 is 1.700, - (NOK) for a set of 0.6 meters.

Next model Doxa I-2 , which has a price of 3.250, (NOK) - 0.6 meters.

Top model Doxa I-3 costs 7.000, (NOK)  - 0.6 meters.


For all models there is a supplement of 500, - if you are going to have shielding, and 500 - for balanced editions.

It can be supplied on request alternative connectors, and cables can be ordered in other lengths.





Doxa Speaker Cables

Also speaker cables have the same materials as signal cables -  conductors in pure copper, solder, gold / silver and contacts nonmagnetic, gold plated brass.

Doxa S-1 is base model, and costs 2500, (NOK) - for a set of 2.2 meters.

Doxa S-2 has a price of 5,000, (NOK) - 2.2 meters.

Doxa S-3 is the top model, and costs 8000, - (NOK) for 2.2 meters.


It can be supplied on request alternative connectors, and cables can be ordered in other lengths.



Read more about the cables of Doxa .



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