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Kleio Audio – new British HiFi-brand

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English HiFi`s got a new player. Kleio Audio is based in Kent in England, not far from Dover, and seem to have serious intenstions.



The founder of Kleio Audio is named Garry Wise, and got the idea Kleio Audio in 2010. He formed the company in 2012, and now after three years of development, there are two products ready for market. Official launch will beat the National Audio Show 19- 20. september.

The product philosophy of Kleio Audio is good engineering and absence of gimmics. They claim to use high-quality components, and emphasizes the use of relay switching.

This first series of Kleio Audio is named K1, consisting initially of two products.


Preamplifier K105 is hand built, and has 5 RCA and two balanced XLR inputs as well as a 3.5mm jack. 2 sets of RCA pre-out in addition to a balanced XLR, and one fixed level output.

The volume control also functions as an on / off switch on this clear-cut preamplifier that can be delivered in three different colors.


The integrated amplifier K135 has the same design and set of inputs and outputs as K105, and is also the hand built in Kent. The power pack is a class-D design, and provides 2x65 watts into 8 ohms

There are concrete plans for several components of the K1 series, including power amp, DAC, phono stage, headphone amplifier and streamer. From Garry Wise we have received this sketch for future releases of aditional products:


•         Stereo Power Amplifier 2x 250W (K125): January 2016

•         K135D and K105D (spec as K105/K135 but fitted with digital inputs): March 2016

•         Mono Power Amplifier 1x 550W (K115): April 2016

•         DAC: June 2016

•         Phono Stage: August 2016

•         Headphone Amplifier: September 2016

•         Network Player: November 2016

We wish Kleio Audio good luck!


Read more about Kleio Audio on their newly created website .




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