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Nasotec Swing Head Shell - a new solution to an old problem?

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The problem with angular deflection when playing vinyl is about as old as the turntable itself. Nasotec have found a new solution to the problem - a sort of tangential head-shell?





Choice of solution for arm on turntable is often a choice between one of many evils. There are many parameters that must be met, and horizontal angle playback is one of these parameters. As is known, traditional radial arms introducing angular errors most places on the disc. And a shorter arm produce bigger angle deviation towards the center. If you increase the length of the arm, deviation is reduced. But simultaneously other parameters are introduced, such as increased effective mass.

Tangential arm is the optimum solution for the angular deviation. It provides perfect horizontal tracking angle through the entire board. But then, there are also here new concerns, such as displacement mechanism. Arve has written a series of articles about the tone arms going very thoroughly into this issue.

Nasotec have found a different solution to provide tangential playback. They have made a head shell they call Swing Headshell. The concept is extremely simple, and is based on a part of the head shell providing automatic orientation adjustment relative to the groove direction. Those of us who have tried towing a boat knows that it finds out the direction of spped, at least if the rope is attached to the center of the bow. And we also know that there may be some oscillation from time to time ...



The big question is whether this is an equally simple and ingenious solution as when Filippo Brunelleschi tapped egg against the table to get it to stand upright. Those of us who are skeptics by nature, has no problem seeing the concerns that might arise. And then commuting is only one of the concerns that have to be sorted out. This additional moving part is not exactly in line with, among others Rega's philosophy within one-piece design. On another side perfectly horizontal tracking angle is an atractive goal, if it works as intended.

The proof of the pudding is by playing vinyl. Meanwhile, we can examine the short video of Nasotec Swing Head Shell.

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