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Three new Grammy Nominations for 2L and Morten Lindberg.

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Also this year 2L receive three Grammy Nominations. The nominated albums are Magnificat, Spes and Astrognosia & Aesop, and they are nominated fin the category Best Surround Sound Album.






Eventually it has been growing into a long tradition before Christmas - Morten Lindberg receives Grammy Nominations. It's an amazing track record, which can be studied in detail here. With the exception of 2007, there were 2-3 nominations every year since 2006.

What is different this year is that all three nominations are in the same class - Best Surround Sound Album. The advantage is this is that the statistical possibilities of getting the trophy is bigger than ever. The downside is that it can only be one trophy ...

Another special feature of this year's nominees from 2L is that two of these releases contain audio tracks With Auro-3D. This goes to Magnificat and Spes. This is is contributin With an aditional dimention to these  brilliant recording, also gbeing an interesting parameter in relation to Grammy nomination in this class. Should we dare to predict that Magnificat defeats both Roger Waters and Shostakovich, being the two "foreign" competitors in this category?


We congratulate Morten Lindberg and 2L With the nominations, and wish them good luck early next year!


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See full list with all Grammy nominees here.









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