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Radius 7 - new radius from Roksan

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Roksan upgrading their turntable Radius 5.2. Roksan 7 emerges as a different player.



Roksan is really in vinyl-mood these days. If we disregard the new DAC and power amplifier in the K3 series, there has been many vinyl news from this part of England lately. Last summer the new tone arm PUG was launched, and a short time ago a completely new turntable in Oxygene series popped up - the Oxygene 30.

Now Roksan launch Radius 7, and it will replace its predecessor. It had the name 5, which later bekame 5.2 in a MK2 edition. It is tempting to assume that the latter circumstance is the background for jumping directly to the model designation Radius 7 this time around.

The main ingredient in the design is retained from Radius 5.2, but new materials contribute to the glassy appearance. The motor is derived from technology used in Xerxes. Roksan opens up for letting owners of Roksan 5.2 upgrade their players to the specifications of Roksan 7.

We do not know the price in Norway yet, but there is every reason to assume that Roksan 7 will take a solid leap up in price compared to predecessors. And an extra large nowadays due to the fact that there is a 20% discount on Radius 5.2.



The manufacturer's specifications for Roksan 7:



  • Newly designed motor assembly
  • Super-accurate crystal speed control system
  • Electronic switching between speeds (33 & 45 rpm)
  • New high quality aluminium alloy pulley system
  • Stylish new ‘glass effect’ finish
  • Red & blue LED illumination to signify speed



  • Main Bearing Spindle: Precision-machined stainless steel
  • Main Bearing Housing: Precision-machined solid brass
  • Main Bearing Ball: Precision case hardened steel
  • Pulley: Precision-machined aluminium alloy
  • Platter: Precision-machined acrylic
  • Motor: Custom made 24 pole synchronous
  • Speed: 33 & 45 rpm
  • Power: 90-240V 50-60 Hz
  • Rumble; <-75dB
  • Wow & Flutter: <0.04%
  • Dimension: 400 x 350 x 150mm (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 7kg




Read more about Radius 7 at Roksan.


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