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WiMP lanseres under merkenavnet TIDAL i USA og Storbritannia.

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WiMP sin suksess med WiMP HiFi har båret frukter – lanseres i USA og Storbritannia.

WiMP lanseres i dag under merkenavnet TIDAL av gruppen Aspiro, et selskap som også inkluderer WiMP Music Streaming.  Dermed kan det se ut til at de er klare for en dominans på verdensbasis med det streamingpoduktet som er utviklet av WiMP.

Electrocompaniet har allerede kunngjort at der streamer ECM-2 er klar til å streame TIDAL når denne tjenesten er tilgjengelig i Storbritannia og USA.



Les pressemelding om TIDAL fra Aspiro:

Aspiro prepares to launch HiFi-streaming service in the US and UK

Aspiro AB today reported that the company will launch its HiFi-music streaming subscription service in the US and UK this fall. The initiative is a natural expansion to the previously communicated strategy to increase number of subscribers and maximize revenue per customer.

The new streaming service will be marketed under the brand TIDAL, at a monthly cost of USD 19,99 in the US and GBP 19,99 in the UK. Different to other players on the streaming music market, TIDAL will offer HiFi-sound quality, music videos in HD-format and tailored editorial material produced by experienced music journalists. Preparational launch activities are initiated today through a new website - www.tidalhifi.com.

Aspiro's HiFi-subscription service has already seen a large demand in the countries it's previously launched in as WiMP HiFi. After recently having completed a successful new share issue, the company now has the financial resources to expand geographically and offer the streaming service to consumers in other parts of the world.

”The demand for HiFi-sound is growing fast, while consumers all over the world want a broader music experience through access to for instance music videos and editorial curation. Aspiro offers a unique music service and we now look forward to, in cooperation with partners, making it available even in the US and UK, two of the biggest markets for hifi equipment and customer base”, says Aspiro's CEO Andy Chen.


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